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i thank you very much for this product. you guys have created something really great (i'm sure you already knew that though)! i got it up and running last night and am currently using it to record samples and immovable instruments (pianos, organs, etc.) at locations outside my studio on my laptop for my recording projects here in the states. this was the only product i could use to get my hardware to work with this computer and i found it by a stroke of luck. thanks for your help. i will be looking forward to more stuff from you guys. - Evan (Georgia)

BTW I can't tell you how delighted I am with the software. I didn't want to discard the UA-30 as it does a decent job and more $$ is not in my immediate future. I have it working fine with Logic as well. - Tom (Pennsylvania)

ich hab jetzt den rechner komplett neu installiert und siehe da...auf einmal geht alles! Ich möchte mich trotzdem für den klasse Support bedanken. Dickes Lob, macht weiter so! - Thomas (Germany)

Hey, is there anywhere I can leave raving reviews bigging up your fantastic work? I really can't get over how much better the Powerwave sounds than the Built-In - still not as good as tape, but a hell of a lot cheaper and more maleable. Keep it up mate! - Will (UK)

Thank you very much. Your driver by the way is outstanding, I use it nearly every day! - Phil (Minnesota)

This new driver works absolutly perfectly. No more locking up, and no more poping noise while recording asio input. I can even record my audio directly onto an external hardrive with no locking or poping. Now, Im ready for the Billboards. - Germaine (Texas)

I'm using live NI B4 on a portable 233 MMX (!!) with 98SE. The interface I had was an Edirol UA1A. I just switched to a M-Audio Audiophile USB (better quality + MIDI interface that avoids me using an old SC50 expander as "bridge"). I installed their driver and noticed that yours was far more efficient (here I have glitches if I set 256 samples plus audible delay, or disturbing delay if I set 512 buffersize). Can I try to use my old and beloved usb-audio driver? If yes, how can I do it (or try at least ...), and .... get back if things turn mad? - Gianni (Italy)

My name is Nicholas and I purchased a copy of you ASIO driver for my Griffin iMic (OS X) and I wanted to tell you that it works amazing. I have worked with up to 10 audio tracks and have had no noticable latency. Thank you very much for putting the time into the drivers and keep up the good work! - Nicholas (Canada)

Your product is excellent. - John (Australia)

Your product was a complete lifesaver to me when I was just beginning in the world of digital audio. It was wonderful that - just when I thought I had thrown my money away on an interface which was incompatible with my system (Roland USB interface with no Mac driver for Logic) - I discovered your product using Version Tracker. One of my best ever finds! It meant a lot to me to know that you had thought through the problem and identified the solution. Now I have moved to OSX and am using CoreAudio with Logic but I am very happy to keep in touch and discover what new innovations you have. - David (UK)

Hail The Chief!!!!! It worked. I got my work done.. I actually made some money with my Digi mBox. First $100! So Drivers = $55 for a net profit of $45. Not bad for a few hours work. Thanks!! The world will hear about this!!!! - George (California)

thank you for the prompt return of the code you guys are fast and your product has mad recording on my laptop a relief for me for my live perfomances thankx again you guys rock - Kevin

Thank you. The drivers work a treat. XP, Griffin iMic, Cubase SX, B4,Pro53 etc. Totally playable. I cannot wait for the next gig when I turn up with just the midi controller (Evolution MK249C - USB as well) and my laptop and have in effect a whole rack of synths at my disposal. Not only that but if at a later date I need more I/O I can purchase a more advanced USB device from your supported list and know that I already have stable proven low latency ASIO drivers for it. - Jason (UK)

I got the driver yesterday and sent a responce saying I was having problems with NI B4..... well my mistake it was a sound resolution problem. Amasing how well your driver works... especially when I read the dialog in the control panel. This seem to give a couple extra db of out put as well cool. - Jim (USA)

Somewhere i heard that you where to support the Emagic EMI2-6 with the USB Driver for the PC at some point. The driver of Emagic s***s :-( My friend has an ESI using youre drivers and that works realy good... So should i trash this [..] and get a real audio interface or do i wait a bit and you make my day? - Matijn (Netherlands)

Yes, it works great with Max/MSP and my MBox. The reduced latency is amazing. It is a shame I need to disable all of the MBox extensions to use it because this prohibits me from working with Pro Tools together with other ASIO programs on the same desktop. Are there plans, or is it possible, to fix this soon? - James (Denmark)

i got the driver and got it working. i was really tripping out trying to get the mbox to work with logic. i am glad that i came across your site and found out that i needed your driver. digidesign was of no help and never bothered to tell me that your driver even existed! they just kept telling me that i should be using the pro-tools sequencer. anyway, thanks for making my system work. i'm gonna write digidesign a letter and tell them that they need to liscence this driver to keep their customers happy. - Brent (Washington)

WOW! Just had to let you know how AMAZING your product is. I bought a Griffin iMic 6 months ago and have had nothing but trouble with USB latency, ran it through mixer after mixer... bought one of Griffin's USB audio hubs, no improvement, was totally disatisfied with the iMic, but after all I only paid $50 for it so what did I expect right, and I needed a hub anyway? Was ready to fork out $500 for Firewire device and then... I stumbled across your website in my USB audio... searches I bought and installed your product and just like that I can plug my Mic into my iBook and record my vocals! and at 24bit no less! in Cubase no less! A very happy customer here! Please keep me posted of any updates or improvements to your already excellent product. I teach MIDI in a high school and I will certainly recommend your product to my colleagues. - James (Ontario)

Lovely. You have made an Australian musician very happy today my friend. I now have 9ms latency with a Native Intruments B4 in Orion Pro using a Griffin iMic. 4ms nearly worked, but I get a click now an then, oh well. This is so much better than the 70ms I had before with my laptops good sounding but laggy internal chip. My deepest admiration to you, keep up the good hacking and guten tag :-) - Jeremy (Australia)

I received the Driver and installed it immediately. I can now run Logic Audio 5.5 with my MBox at 24 Bits..... Smooth as silk. Slick Latency ;0) Then when i want to switch back to ProTools i just restart with the appropriate extension setup. Well done - I'm Chuffed to the Nines. Wishing you much succes with your enterprise! All the best - Mike (UK)

Many Thanks and congrats for supplying a wicked product for which there is clearly a demand for!!! - Miles (New Zealand)

You have created an awesome product and a lot of companies could take some lessons from you guys regarding customer service. Thanks Again - Mikael (California)

Some days ago I have bought the USB ASIO driver and I am very happy with it; now I can use applications like DSound RTPlayer with my Edirol UA-1A! I'd like to use it with my Edirol UA-5 as well; are you planning to make USB ASIO driver compatible with UA-5, and, if yes, when? Do you have any idea about the reason why I can use DSound RTPlayer with UA-1A and I cannot with UA-5? Thank you very much. - Giovanni (Italy)

Ich habe bisher noch nie von einem "Kundendienst" (entschuldige diesen beknackten Ausdruck, mir fällt gerade kein besserer ein) so schnell, nett und kompetent Auskunft bekommen wie von dir! - Florian (Germany)

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